Hking in Abisko National Park, Sweden



Dr. Joel Frohlich is a postdoctoral researcher studying consciousness in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Monti at UCLA. He is interested in using electrophysiology to understand disorders of consciousness. Joel recently received his PhD in neuroscience from UCLA while working working in the laboratory of Dr. Shafali Jeste.

The path to scientific understanding is long and winding. Teaching others about science through writing is a great passion in Joel's life. Joel’s science writing for a general audience has appeared on the websites of publications such as The AtlanticPsychology Today, Aeon, and Motherboard. As of June 2017, he is Editor-in-Chief at the neuroscience education website Knowing Neurons. In 2016, Joel was jointly awarded the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Next Generation Award, which recognizes “outstanding contributions to public communication, outreach, and education about neuroscience,” for his contributions to Knowing Neurons.

Joel's dissertation work focused on electrophysiological biomarkers of two genetic disorders, Dup15q syndrome and Angelman syndrome, which are highly penetrant for neurodevelopmental disorders.  As a doctoral student, Joel was the recipient of a predoctoral fellowship from the Center for Neurobehavioral Genetics at UCLA. 

When he is not engaged in neuroscience, Joel's other hobbies include exploring national parks and reading about other fields of science such as astronomy and space exploration.